Sunday Blackbook Runners – Early List

We have a busy weekend ahead of us and a lot of our time at this stage has been spent concentrating on meetings for Saturday. In saying that lets not forget about Sunday. It is always a good day to find a few lightly raced improvers that are working their way through the grades verse better class country / provincial opposition.

One of the main positive features of our Blackbook runners is the angle we take advantage of by concentrating on lightly tried horses with big scope for further improvement.

So here are the initial Blackbook runners for Sunday. As we get deeper into the form for Sunday late into Saturday afternoon and evening this list may be updated with additional Blackbook runners we add to the list so remember to check back then.

In the mean time you are sure to find a few good priced winners among this list. #SecureTheValueEarly

18-08-2017 6-58-12 PM

Blackbook runners for Sunday 20 August. AS we get deeper into the form for Sunday more runners may be added. (Last updated 7.10pm 18 Aug)

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