Womens ITF Tennis Coverage for Monday 19 June

Its the start of another week on the Womens ITF Tennis circuit and there is plenty of action around the globe today to keep us occupied. Keep up to date with the coverage across the day as we pick out the cream of the early action from each tournament. After producing 3 winning tips from 4 matches covered on Sunday in some fiercely contested finals we are very keen to carry that form into the start of the week of action on Monday.

Tournaments being covered so far today..

  • ITF Ilkley $100K (Qual) – 1 match, 1 win PAOLINI @ 1.83
  • ITF Izmir $60K – 1 match, 1 win STOJANOVIC @ 2.75
  • ITF Montpellier $25K – 2 matches, 1 win MUNTEAN @ 3.75, 1 loss
  • ITF Ystad $25K – 1 match, 1 loss
  • ITF Warsaw $25K – 1 match, 1 loss
  • ITF Sassuolo $15K – 1 match, 1 win NIEDMERS @ 2.62


  • Remember to refresh your browser for the latest tweets, page DOES NOT auto-refresh currently!

More to follow.

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