Womens ITF Tennis Finals Previews for Sunday 18 June


A lot of Finals action around the globe across Sunday on the Womens ITF circuit. Follow it all here as it unfolds live throughout the day.

Finals being covered so far today…

  1. ITF Manchester $100K – Diyas vs Krunic – Bet DIYAS to win 2-1 @ 4.00, Bet KRUNIC to win 2-1 @ 5.00Bet LOSS (Both)
  2. ITF Barcelona $60K – Hesse vs Seguel – Bet SEGUEL to win @ 1.83Bet WON @ 1.83 (Best Bet)
  3. ITF Padova $25K – Peterson vs Vasylyeva – Bet PETERSON to win 2-1 @ 5.00, Bet VASYLYEVA to win 2-1 @ 7.50Bet WON (Peterson) @ 5.00
  4. ITF Hammamet $15K – Mendez vs Garcia Lazaro – Bet MENDEZ to win @ 1.53Bet WON @ 1.53

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  • Diyas wins in straight sets 6-4, 6-4 at Manchester. Bit of a let down but still a very good day in total with winning bets in 3 of the 4 matches covered for the day. See Bet Re-cap above near top of page for match by match results.

19-06-2017 12-10-19 AM.jpg

  • After a 9 minute service game and Krunic squandering 7 game points Diyas then breaks to level it up at 4-4 in the 2nd set, #EpicBattle

18-06-2017 11-58-00 PM.jpg

  • #AnotherBreak KRUNIC goes up 4-3, now she serves to try once again to consolidate the mini break.

18-06-2017 11-49-00 PM.jpg

  • Diyas quickly breaks back to level it up at 3-3 in the 2nd set.

18-06-2017 11-43-15 PM.jpg

  • KRUNIC gets the break to lead 3-2 in 2nd set, she’s now serving to consolidate the break at Manchester!

18-06-2017 11-38-54 PM.jpg

  • Diyas vs Krunic on serve early in 2nd set at Manchester, currently 2-2. Need KRUNIC to win 2nd set to take it to 3rd set.

18-06-2017 11-35-12 PM.jpg

  • Daniela SEGUEL prevails 7-3 in 3rd set tie break in Barcelona to win in 3 sets over Amandine Hesse as the “Best Bet” of the day paying odds of 1.83.

18-06-2017 11-26-53 PM

18-06-2017 11-07-31 PM

  • SEGUEL leads 4-1 in 3rd set tie break, looks home and hosed!

18-06-2017 11-22-05 PM.jpg

  • Tie Break time at Barcelona, 6-6 in 3rd set Hesse Vs Seguel, come on Seguel!

18-06-2017 11-19-19 PM.jpg

  • Diyas vs Krunic on serve 5-4 in the 1st set at Manchester, tight match up as expected, remember we need either to win in 3 sets!

18-06-2017 11-13-33 PM.jpg

18-06-2017 11-09-48 PM.jpg

  • Hesse breaks back at Barcelona ITF, now 5-5, going down to the wire for sure!

18-06-2017 11-11-47 PM.jpg

  • Daniela SEGUEL breaks to go 5-4 up in the 3rd set at Barcelona, now serving for the match. Our “Best Bet” is close to winning!

18-06-2017 11-05-48 PM.jpg

18-06-2017 11-07-31 PM.jpg

  • Aleksandra Krunic breaks to go 4-3 up in the 1st set at Manchester

18-06-2017 11-04-04 PM.jpg

  • Hesse Vs Seguel now all level at 3-3 in the 3rd set, going down to the wire!

18-06-2017 10-53-17 PM.jpg

  • Daniela Seguel gets the break and goes 3-1 up in the 3rd set at Barcelona ITF

18-06-2017 10-46-20 PM.jpg

  • Daniela Seguel levels things up at 1 set all taking 2nd set in a tie-break at Barcelona ITF. On serve 1-0 in 3rd set currently.

18-06-2017 10-26-56 PM

  • Rebecca Peterson wins 6-4 in the 3rd set vs Anastasia Vasylyeva at Padova ITF. Another winning bet, we backed Peterson to win 2-1 at odds of 5.00.

18-06-2017 10-25-02 PM.jpg

18-06-2017 10-23-23 PM.jpg



More to follow.

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