Womens ITF Tennis Preview – Brescia Quarter Final – Hercog vs Seguel

Womens ITF Tennis Preview – Brescia Quarter Final – Hercog vs Seguel

Polona Hercog is only having her 2nd tournament start off a long lay off after injuring her shoulder in August 2016.

The Slovenian 26 year old takes on Daniela Seguel from Chile who has hovered around her current ranking for the last 4 years around 250-300 in the world whilst Hercog prior to her injury was hovering in and just outside the top 100 in the world after peaking at a year ending 36 in 2011.

Hercog was very good in the 1st Round winning in straight sets over Lucrezia Stefanni including a 6-1 1st set. Stefanni is a career high 585 ranked 19yo on the rise, a good win.

Hercog’s 2nd round win was even better defeating Ulrikke Eikeri 6-3, 6-3 who is ranked similar to Daniela Seguel who Hercog takes on here in the Quarters.

Hercog is still improving off a very long lay off and she can be expected to improve again here which gives her an even bigger edge here.

Back Polona Hercog to win here at the good odds of 1.61. As a minimum she wins this match up minimum 2 times out of every 3 under current conditions which makes Hercog a true 1.50 chance, maybe even slightly shorter around 1.47. So the 1.61 on offer about Hercog to win is decent overs for a strong confidence betting proposition.

Betting Advice

Polona HERCOG to win over Daniela SEGUEL at the odds of 1.61.

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Brescia ITF Womens Quarter Finals betting markets.

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